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AL WAHA Bird Control is the leading bird control company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), renowned for its industry expertise and over 25 years of experience. With a strong track record and a focus on providing effective bird control solutions, ALWAHA Bird Control has established itself as a trusted partner for various high-profile projects.

"25 Years of Expert Bird Control Solutions”

The company has successfully executed projects for prestigious organizations and entities in the UAE, including Abu Dhabi Police, Abu Dhabi Airports, ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company), and the Ministry of Defense. These projects demonstrate the company’s ability to deliver bird control solutions on the highest levels, ensuring the safety, cleanliness, and comfort of its clients’ premises.AL WAHA Bird Control utilizes its extensive knowledge and expertise in avian behaviour, bird control techniques, and the latest technologies to develop tailored solutions for each client. The company’s team of professionals is highly skilled in assessing bird-related issues, identifying the most appropriate methods, and implementing effective bird control measures.

By employing humane and environmentally friendly approaches, AL WAHA Bird Control aims to mitigate bird-related problems while maintaining the ecological balance. The company offers a wide range of bird control services, including bird netting, bird spikes, bird wire systems, bird trapping and relocation, bird deterrents, and bird fouling cleaning.
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Rules and Regulations

Compliance with Regualtions:

AL WAHA Bird Control operates in full compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the UAE authorities. The company adheres to all relevant local laws, guidelines, and permits governing bird control activities within the country.
AL WAHA Bird Control understands the importance of upholding legal and regulatory requirements to ensure the safety, well-being, and environmental sustainability of its operations. By strictly following the UAE regulations, the company demonstrates its commitment to ethical practices and responsible bird control solutions in accordance with the local legal framework.

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Our Team

About the Team

AL WAHA Bird Control boasts a highly skilled and dedicated team. Their experienced bird control specialists possess extensive knowledge of avian behaviour and industry best practices.

Skilled technicians handle the installation and maintenance of various bird control systems. Customer service representatives ensure excellent communication and service.

Together, this cohesive team delivers comprehensive bird control services tailored to clients’ specific needs, establishing AL WAHA Bird Control’s reputation in the industry.