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"25 Years of Expert Bird Control Solutions”

Celebrating 25 years of excellence in bird control solutions! Join us as we mark this significant milestone and continue our mission to protect properties and communities from avian pests. With our unmatched expertise and proven results, trust us to keep your environment bird-free for the next 25 years and beyond.



ALWAHA BIRD CONTROL, the leading bird control company in the UAE, not only prioritizes regulatory compliance but also upholds principles of humane and safe treatment for birds.

The company recognizes the importance of maintaining the ecological balance and minimizing harm to avian species. With a strong emphasis on ethical practices, ALWAHA BIRD CONTROL implements bird control measures that are designed to deter birds without causing harm.

The team utilizes humane methods and techniques that prioritize the well-being and preservation of bird populations. By combining effective bird control solutions with a commitment to bird welfare, ALWAHA BIRD CONTROL ensures a balanced approach that aligns with both the clients’ needs and the preservation of avian species in the UAE.

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Your Peace of mind is our promise

Your peace of mind is our unwavering commitment. With our expertise in bird control solutions, including humane deterrents and effective bird netting, we empower you to take control of your residential property. Trust in our tried-and-tested methods to restore harmony to your home, ensuring a tranquil and stress-free environment. Experience peace of mind, knowing that we are dedicated to safeguarding your living space from avian nuisances, allowing you to enjoy serenity once again.”


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