What do you know about pigeons ?!!!!

Pigeons can compete with falcons …. as they can fly at speeds exceeding 
185 km/hour.
A pigeon can fly continuously for up to ten hours.
Pigeons have the ability to fly from 800 to 1000 kilometers per day.
A pigeon can fly long distances without flapping its wings because it can glide in the air.
The female pigeon lays two eggs, each weighing 20 grams.
Both the male and female pigeons take care of the eggs together, with the male incubating them from morning until afternoon, and the female taking over from afternoon until night.
The pigeon’s eggs hatch after 17 to 20 days.
Pigeon chicks are first fed milk from their parents’ crop, and then they are given pre-digested food from their parents.
Pigeons have the ability to fly in their first month of life.
Pigeons are one of the most prolific birds, as they can reproduce from five to six times a year, in all seasons and times.
Pigeons have the ability to return to the places where they were born, even if they have been away from them for a whole year.

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